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Is this gym only for elite athletes?
No. Although MSC is proud to work with many elite athletes from various sporting backgrounds, we do take on all level of ability and experience. The only thing we ask from our members is a positive mindset and a willingness to learn from our experienced coaches. We have a learn to lift course, which is ideal for anyone wanting to learn the basics strength and conditioning.
Is the atmosphere intimidating?
Not at all. The atmosphere at MSC is incredible and we are very proud of this. There is a real community feel at the club and all members help each other. For us, it’s not about your level of ability or experience, it’s about improving yourself.
Are the clubs and classes structured?
Yes. All of our clubs and classes are programmed and in cases before competitions, periodized. All our coaches have an extensive background in programming. Having structure and programming is essential for gym goers to continually progress and avoid plateaus. Even our most advanced members benefit from our detailed plans.
Is there a contract I have to sign?
We ask all new members to sign a contract, which includes terms and conditions and is valid for 3 months. After which, the contract is on a rolling basis. The reason we have a minimum 3 month term, is due to the intellectual content that our vastly experienced and qualified coaches are giving away. We don’t believe in quick fixes and 6 week transformations. Strength training and long term development is something we strongly believe in. So if people aren’t willing to dedicate themselves to improve their health and fitness for 3 months, then we are not interested in taking these people on board.
What is your equipment like?
Our equipment is of the highest quality in the Strength and Conditioning field. We have over 20 barbells, Eleiko weightlifting bars, texas powerlifting bars, thousands of kilo’s worth of plates, power racks, a rig, 5 platforms, a variety of strongman kit, numerous tools for conditioning, and a 30m athletic track for speed and conditioning work, and much more. Our facility has been used and highly recommended by numerous international athletes.
Will I receive help from the coaches?
Yes. All members will receive help from our coaches. Our aim is to create a close-knit community, where all members receive the benefit of the wealth of experience that our coaches have. All classes and clubs are programmed and coached. On our platinum and elite memberships, you can be coached every time you come in the gym!
Do you have day and/or week passes?
Yes. We do offer day and week passes, which do not include any classes or clubs. Open gym only. Day passes are £8 (students £5) and a week pass is £20.