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MSC Sports Injury Clinic

About MSC Sports Injury Clinic

The MSC Performance Sports Injury Clinic provides injury assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, and bespoke training packages that cater for all levels of pain, injury, and disfunction. Treatment begins with clinic and couch based assessment and treatment that identifies issues and injuries, relieving symptoms and regaining full range of motion and basic low-level function. Once this has been achieved, individuals can expect a bespoke approach to injury management that will move seamlessly from treatment to training, from clinic to gym, reigning in pain and improving strength, movement, and ultimately performance
The MSC Performance Sports Injury Clinic is for those suffering with long term chronic pain, acute injury sustained in daily life or in competition, or for those who wish to train and exercise around pre-existing injury to achieve fat loss/muscle gain, and everything in between. Therapists Max and Hendrik have both competed in powerlifting as well as endurance, weightlifting, and rugby, so are well versed in the demands of sporting performance and the rigours of training.